7 Magical Benefits of Yoga And Why You Should Do It

7 Magical Benefits of Yoga – Post by Sophie Bickerdike, Founder of Go Yoga and Co-Founder of Go Revolution
Your Strength, Agility and Flexibility All Increase

But these are only the physical effects of your practise! Wait for the rest!

Yoga Enhances Your Memory and Cognitive Functions

According to researchers, yoga is more effective at boosting brain power than conventional aerobic exercise, which seems pretty strange if you think all you are doing is stretching, but combining breath, learning and exercise can really big up those brain cells!

Body Weight Normalises

It may not burn as many calories as a spin session but it will allow you to lower your stress levels. As you practise yoga, your cortisol levels lower, which means your fight or flight response is less used and you feel far more relaxed. Cortisol can tend to gather around your waistline, so the less your body makes of that the better!

Sophie Bickerdike yogaPain Reduces 

There have been many studies showing yoga reduces back pain. In the studio, we have lost count of the number of yogis who are now pain-free! Once you start to understand aligning your spine and your body you start to lose symptoms of chronic back pain.

Respiratory Efficiency Increases

One of the first things you learn in yoga is breath control or pranayama. There are many physical benefits to breath control including an increased lung capacity. Some people immediately experience a higher sense of awareness following this too, an exciting third-eye moving side effect!

Your Mental Health is Greatly Enhanced

Those suffering from mental health issues such as depression, mood swings or anxiety, report feeling less anxious with an improved outlook and overall mood. Many report feelings of self-actualisation.

You Can o Yoga Anywhere, Anytime

At home, in the park…

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