Interview With Vicki Psarias, Acclaimed Blogger And Award Winning Filmmaker

It’s a great pleasure to interview Vicki Psarias, acclaimed blogger, vlogger, multi-award-winning TV director & filmmaker and soon-to-be author.

Vicki and I met last year at a women in technology event.  Vicki has been a huge inspiration to me in setting up my own blog and has very kindly given me her help and advice when I needed it.

Tell Me About Your Career So Far

I was a TV Director and Filmmaker before setting up my blog in November 2010 and within weeks, I was approached to work on campaigns.  I returned to directing, making commercials but soon became a full-time blogger and vlogger, finding my previous career made the perfect basis on which to build a personal brand.

I love that blogging and vlogging merges all my loves: writing, directing and family-life. It’s a flexible career which works around my family with no creative limitations or gatekeepers as in traditional media. My debut book on how to become a Mumboss is out in March 2018.

What Have Been The Highlights And Lowlights?

I wouldn’t call it a low per se, but the work/life juggle can be hard.  Take the summer holidays; I wake up early to make deadlines in the morning, take the kids out during the day and then could work until 3am writing my book once the kids are asleep.  I do feel lucky I can work in this flexible way, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss sleep, ha!

There are so many highlights – meeting/hearing from readers who tell me my blog has changed their life/encouraged them to set up their business or given them confidence is the most rewarding aspect of my job.

My mission to empower others, it’s what drives me and makes me feel fulfilled.  I always want to serve others (it must be the former Uni Lecturer/Teacher in me). Working with global brands is another ‘pinch me’ highlight.  Ultimately doing what I love every day fills me with joy.

Let’s Talk Confidence.  How Has Your Confidence Changed Over The Years?

I’ve gone from being totally broken and suffering from a traumatic birth to slowly building myself back up again with therapy, starting my blog and reaching out to family and friends.

My blog gave me a sense of purpose and a creative space I craved.  Slowly my identity returned and whilst like everyone, my confidence still dips (it can be hard putting yourself out there) for the most part I feel strong and want to help others feel that way too.

What Does Success Mean For You?

It means first and foremost doing what makes you happy and courageously following your dreams. Whilst we all crave financial security, money has never been a driving force for me.

Success is having integrity (walking in your truth), supporting others, and for me, pushing boundaries creatively and being as pioneering as possible, so others benefit.

Would Your Answer Have Been Different When You Were Younger?

Success would be directing my first feature film and presenting on TV.  I’ve done the latter and hope to do more and the feature film dream is still there, burning brightly and I hope one day to combine my blogging career with directing movies.  I simply trust the timing of my life more, now.

What Advice Would You Have Given Your Younger Self?

Be yourself.  Don’t allows others to shape and mould you or extinguish your light.  I have a big personality.  I’m loving and loyal and I know who I am.  I accept not everyone will ‘get me’ nor I, them and that’s OK.  It’s great getting older and a little bit wiser!

What Would You Say Are The 5 Secrets Of Your Success?
  1. Be yourself.
  2. Believe in yourself (even if you have to feign confidence at first so others will believe in you too).
  3. Work hard.  Nothing comes without hard craft.
  4. Hone your voice.
  5. Be kind.

Thanks Vicki.

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