10 Reasons Yoga Helps Me Be A Better Mum

Article by Sophie Bickerdike, Founder of Go Yoga and Co-Founder of Go Revolution.
Sophie BickerdikeIt Helps Me Keep Calm When The Children Are Going Crazy

My children may not believe this, but I often breathe when things are going crazy in the house and do my yoga breaths.  It certainly seems to help!

It Makes You Say Yes More And Feel Kinder To Your Children

Yoga makes you look around you and search out the positive in everything you see and do.  (Not all the time, but certainly a lot of it.) You transfer all that positivity onto your children.

It Allows You To Allow Them To Be Children

Growing up is hard when you are a kid.  Being a kid is fun and being adult just isn’t. Yoga helps you get back to that child-like state and join them in their ‘living in the momentness’.  Life is beautiful and so are they 🙂

Yoga Also Helps Me To Tune Out Of The Chaos

To turn my focus away from noise and to focus on what I am doing, so I don’t get stressed out by all the noise around me.

Patience Is A Virtue

And that’s what you learn with yoga.  Yoga allows you to take a breath and just pause for a moment and drink in all the fun and loveliness that children have to offer – even when they won’t get out of bed!

To Practise Yoga Together

Your children learn to have yoga around them when you do it.  They think nothing of doing a downward dog!

Sophie Bickerdike yoga poseTo Actually Say No To Yoga, Shopping And Going Out And Yes To My Family!

My yoga studio and classes became far too much at one point and I realised I had to make a choice.  Yoga means balance and finding the right balance is always the answer to feeling centred and connected to yourself.

Learning That Life Is Transitory And To Be Fluid, That Nothing Lasts Forever, And We Are Always In Process

…is one of the key things I learnt from yoga.  When things go right or wrong you must always be willing to move on to the next moment in your life.  Your child not winning a cup isn’t the be-all and end-all therefore, there will be something good that they can do, you just keeping moving forwards.

You Keep Bendy Alongside Your Children!

Yoga keeps you agile and able to keep up with your children.  Obviously a big plus!

Comparison Is The Root Of All Evils

We always work on our own mat and our own practise.  So what if the lady next to you has her foot round her ear. Working on what you can do on your mat is the source of it all for me.  The same for my children; they have to avoid comparison, what their peers are doing and focus on their own S**T.

AN extra one for you…..

Our Kundalini Guru Yogi Bhajan says: “What you go after will make you miserable, what comes to you will make you happy.”  So see what comes to you…. don’t worry about what others are doing…. what your friend’s kids are doing, just let it be….

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