7 Top Tips To Stand Out From The Crowd In An Interview

Article by Miranda Gregory, Managing Partner at GPS Return

It’s the day of the interview. You have done all your research, you are confident and you are nervous, but how much time have you spent making sure that you will sell yourself effectively and that you will stand out from the crowd?

Have you thought about how to get your message across or how you are going to show you have the right attitude and experience? Do you know if you should spend more time demonstrating your values or explaining through your career highlights? Can you do both well?

Quite often, it is not the person who fits the team the best or has the most relevant skills and experience that gets the job offer, but the one who sells themselves the most effectively.

So how do you make sure you impress?  Here are our top 7 ways to stand out:

Start With The Simple Things

Get to the interview 5-10 minutes early (not any earlier), smile and be polite to the receptionist.  Not only will they feedback on their first impressions but you could be working with them in a few weeks.

First Impressions

When you meet the interviewer, smile, give a firm handshake and be prepared for some small talk, this is the interviewer seeing how quickly you can build rapport.

Relate Back To Your Experience

During the interview make sure you take the time to understand the question you’ve been asked and try to relate your answers back to specific experiences that you have.  Clear examples always carry more impact than hypothetical answers.

Body Language

Think about your body language, it should be positive and engaging. Don’t slouch, keep your hands on the table and show that you are listening to what the interviewer is saying.

Develop Well Thought Through Answers

Make sure you spend the time to develop well thought through answers to common interview questions (strengths, weaknesses, why do you want this job, etc) as well as thinking through which examples you can give that show you can do what the job requires and that you live the company’s values.

Prep Questions

Remember to ask the questions you have prepared, plus any others that spring to mind, as these are a really simple way to differentiate yourself.

Finish As You Started….

Finish the interview the same as you started it, with a smile, a firm handshake, and eye contact. Thank the interviewer for their time and don’t forget to thank the receptionist as you leave.

And Remember….

If you only remember one thing it is this – be you!  After all, it is you they will want to hire.

About GPS Return:

GPS Return is a recruitment company based in Yorkshire helping Mums & Dads return to work.  Our aim is to give you all the advice, confidence and encouragement you need to return to work and, to ultimately help you find the right job. Not only do we provide personalised advice, we also run workshops and provide coaching on a range of topics and all designed to help you go back to work.

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  1. This is really helpful…..I’m a single lady but my lack of self confidence has debarred me from doing a lot I’d wish to….each time I think of building my self confidence, it scares me like it’s a real high mountain I have to overcome….thank you so much for this blog

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