12 Tips To Feel Bikini Ready When You Are Over 40

How to feel bikini ready…..I saw a great quote a while back which said something along the lines of ‘how to get a beach body?  Have body, go to beach ❤️.’  I laughed and thought how true.

My beach-body ethos has changed over the years.  When I was younger, I was much more focused on how my body looked.  Today, I’m more focused on health and strength – I suppose a bit more of a holistic approach really.

That said, I’m 46 and things are starting to droop and sag a little however I still want to feel good about myself on holiday.

Here are a few things that I have found make me feel that little bit more confident when I step out on to the beach.

Lying on a beachFake Tan

Gone are the days of orange fake tan – who thought that was a good look anyway?  Today is more about a subtle hint of colour – just enough to take the paleness off the body that hasn’t seen the sun for 50 weeks.

The gradual tanners work best for me as they are easy to apply and streak free.  If you’re self-conscious of cellulite then it can help hide it a little. The Dove Derma Spa one is good.  I tend to apply it daily for 5 to 7 days before holiday.


As I’ve got older, I’ve developed eye-bags which are a) more prevalent in the morning and b) worse if I have been using heavy cream on my face, such as sun cream.

Eyelash curlers are a bit of a god-send for me as they open up my eyes.  Use them with waterproof mascara on the beach to help give your eyes some definition.   And if you want to go one step further, get your eyelashes permed and tinted.


Make-up doesn’t really work on the beach.  However, a subtle hint of bronzing powder works well.  Lightly sweep on your cheekbones, hairline…And a subtle hint of tinted lip-gloss is also nice.

Feet and Nails

Get rid of all that dead, cracked skin on your heels before you go away.  I like to paint my toes and have found a coral/pink colour is good with a tan.  The brand Jessica do some nice ones.  Not such a big fan of nail varnish on my hands on holiday as it drives me mad when it starts to flake off – tends to last longer on my feet.

My nails also are quite brittle and I’ve found the sun seems to help strengthen them so another reason why I don’t paint them.


A new discovery for me in recent years.  My sister-in-law bought me one and I haven’t looked back.  Great to sling on when you want to go to the bar during the day and feel self-conscious standing there in your bikini.

Dead comfy to wear and can look pretty stylish too.  You can wear them in several ways – as a long or short skirt, as a halter dress.

Check out this link showing numerous ways to wear a sarong.  Who’d have thought there were that many ways!


Not sure how ladies wear heels on the beach – flip-flops are my go-to shoe for holiday.  However, if you are wanting a bit of height (and slimming and elongating of your legs) heels can work – though stick to the wedge type heels.


No one looks good with bad posture so stand up straight, hold your shoulders back and don’t slouch.  Standing up straight makes you immediately feel more confident.


I would love to have hair that looks amazing at the beach but I’ve yet to master it.  I have curly hair which tends to frizz.  So for me it’s tied back or put into a messy bun on top of my head.

Big Sun Hat and Accessories

Love a big sun hat.  Protects my hair from becoming straw-like.  Hides bad hair.  Protects my face from the sun (I have sun spots and don’t want any more).  Looks stylish.  Easy to pack.

I also like a little bit of jewellery such as a simple necklace.  I wear one from my Stella and Dot range.


I’m all for wearing a bikini but wear what you feel comfortable in.  I have invested in expensive bikinis before and they do work better for me as they a cut properly and have the right padding etc.  My advice though, if you can’t afford something expensive, is to shop around.

Try on loads of bikinis/swimsuits.  Try on ones that you wouldn’t normally try on.  Mix different size tops and bottoms.  If you have big boobs, get some support.  If like me you have small boobs, then get some with a little padding in.

Skin Prep

After covering my skin for most of the year, it tends to get pretty dry before I expose it to sunlight!  I try to exfoliate my skin (one of the scrubs with oil/salt) before I go away to get rid to the dead skin.  Don’t apply fake tan straight after this though as it will probably slide off…

Relax and Have Fun

Best tip for last – relax and have some fun.  I admit that I have found family holidays not particularly relaxing.  Going somewhere new with a toddler is not always fun and can be hard work.  But this year I am determined to relax.  I will relax, I will relax 😊.

I met a friend the other day and she said, ‘we just don’t seem to have as much fun as we used to,’ and I thought, ‘she’s right!’  So this year, fun is on the cards too.  Lots of jumping in the sea with the kids, lots of laughter and a few G & T’s along the way.

And don’t take the bikini thing too seriously.  No-one really cares what you look like, they are far too busy worrying what they look like.

Have Body,  Go To Beach.

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